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Story25 OdinsEye

Known now as the mastermind behind the EU's rise, Kruger proved gifted in military deception from a young age but his path to success was not without sacrifice. In his youth he was caught in an explosion that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Standing at death's door, he awoke as an incarnate; for Kruger, it was like being born anew.

Kruger quickly learned the explosion was an assassination attempt by political foes and he began secretly eliminating everyone involved. His machinations were often disguised as simple acts of international terrorism - one of which was employing pirates to attack the Queen Norton, an incident that led to the the awakening of Terrence Blake.

As the embodiment of the all-seeing god Odin, Kruger believed he needed a way to control the flow of information and keep his deceptions hidden from public scrutiny. To realize this objective, he developed the "Odin's Eye" system and firmly established his position in the EU. Seeking to further his knowledge beyond the reach of satellites, Odin's Eye attained unfettered access to all surveillance systems and communication systems throughout the world.

Data now pours into Kruger's underground headquarters in Cologne as he manipulates the military balance of the world.

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Story32 Reinhold Kruger

Kruger, an incarnate known for his considerable power, controls "Odin's Eye" to manipulate the EU from the shadows. He too has heard the Prophet's message, but despite his frustrations, he understood he was not the "Sovereign". The Prophet required Kruger's social influence, leading him to use a Herald in the form of a small parasite to burrow into Kruger's mind and manipulate him. This means of control would lead to Kruger's involvement in the final battles with The Sovereign.

Heeding the commands of the Herald's voice, Kruger rallied incarnates to battle and ushered in the battle against Sanders. However, Kruger's consciousness never fully submitted to the parasite. Eventually he reclaimed control of his will from the Herald within him and successfully sealed it away.

With the knowledge he had gained from the Herald, Kruger realized there was still much left to do and resolved to set his ambitions even higher in his remaining years.

As he aims for a future that would see him rise to a position of absolute authority, Kruger knows he must keep the Prophet's power in check and resist a direct conflict with the United States. Kruger knows such an outcome would ultimately lead to his demise, and leave him a mere tool to be cast aside once used.